The Princely Forest

Between the Prut and Camenca rivers lies an ancient cave where more than a quarter of the oaks are secular. A patch of history, a testimony of the old oak forests of Moldova which unfortunately have been grubbed down over the years.

Since 1993, the Princely Forest has been declared a natural reserve, with the aim of preserving the most representative natural forests and marshes in the middle Prut River, preserving and regenerating rare species of plants and animals, ecological recovery and restoration of biodiversity Ecosystems of meadow. Of major importance in the reservation are bumps. On the basis of the interstate agreement between the leadership of the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Poland in 2005, the decision was taken to re-condition the zimbru in the Republic of Moldova. As a result, on August 19, 2005, 3 bison (a male and two females) from two Polish reservations were brought into the reservation.

Every year, the reserve is visited by about 6-7 thousand tourists, mostly students of high schools in Moldova and students of higher education institutions, especially faculties of geography, biology, forestry who, besides, practice their field practice on the territory of the reserve .

At present, there are 5 lions in the Forest of the Forest, on a 32-hectare site, which can accommodate up to 18 lizards.