The customer has the obligation
  • To hold a national or international driving license valid for at least 3 years and have a minimum age of 23 years
  • To comply with all traffic rules applied on the territory of Moldova and other countries
  • Not drive the car under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other prohibited substances
  • Let the tenant know if the car is in trouble. All interventions on the car must be done with the agreement of the hirer in a specialized service, confirming it as an act
  • The customer is not entitled to rent the vehicle or assign the lease to a third party
  • The customer has the obligation to return the lessor’s vehicle together with the documents, accessories and equipment in the state where the vehicle is at the time of handover, at the location, date and time specified in this contract
  • The vehicle can only be driven by the customer
Documents needed to pick up the car
  • Identity card or valid passport
  • Valid national or international driving license
  • Credit card is not required
Rental price - Guarantee
  • Valid prices are those on the price page
  • The guarantee is 50 – 300 EURO depending on the chosen car
  • The payment is made in full when the vehicle is taken over at the time of signing the contract by the customer
  • Payment can be made in cash: in Lei at the NBM exchange rate from the day of renting the vehicle
  • All cars in Rent a Car car park have RCA insurance.
  • The customer will have to answer for:
  • The payment of fines and sanctions received during the period when the vehicle is in use;
  • Damages caused by the inappropriate use of the rented car;
  • Damage caused to spare parts, housings or other goods in the vehicle
Teaching - taking over the car
  • The car is teaching clean and full
  • Surrender – picking up the car in Chisinau or at the Airport is FREE during working hours, Monday to Sunday between 09:00 – 20:00; Outside of it, a fee of 10 EURO is charged
General conditions
  • The customer will bear all costs related to the restoration of documents, keys, accessories if they are lost due to his fault
  • Nr. Unlimited miles included in the rental fee
  • The extension of the rental contract can be made only with the hire of the renter at least 24 hours before its expiration and only within the availability of the vehicle
PANTERA-AUTO allows crossing borders with the company's cars
  • The additional driver is additionally charged, but it is mandatory to mention it in the rental agreement
  • Additional charge is charged for each additional day
Terms of use
  • The customer undertakes not to use or drive the vehicle in the following cases:
    In contradiction with customs laws, traffic regulations or other regulations. Do not push or tow a vehicle, trailer or other object with the vehicle that is the subject of this contract, and / or overcharge the vehicle.

  • While the client or any other driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, barbiturates or any other substance that may affect the knowledge or the ability to react.


  • In any race, test or contest.


  • Other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.


  • Decided only on public roads.


  • Never leave the vehicle with the doors, windows or trunk open and / or the keys in contact or in the car.